Soh Weixiang
A Level GP, SRJC, 2016 A Level

Before I had Mr KP Chuah as my tutor, I was facing struggles in my GP. Back then, I was getting a consistent U as I did very badly for both my Paper 1 and 2. This is due to the fact that my foundation was not laid properly at the first place since secondary school. Given my non-speaking English background, this further dampens my chance of excelling in GP with flying colors.  In fact, I managed to find Mr KP’s contact number. After attending several lessons with Mr Chuah, I started to notice his strengths.

He is quite different from other tutors in a way that he adopts a very systematic way of coming up with templates that could apply to most scenerios. One technique that I can still vividly recall would be STEEL. This technique is the one that helps me to solve my root problem effectively and I started to see a drastic improvement in my skills in coming up with strong arguments in essays as well as in AQ – both of which makes up the bulk of the GP marks. Although I did not seem to progress much in the early stage when I was struggling to fix all the issues that I had, I had gained many new valuable skills and techniques in tackling the exam.

For some lessons, I had to discuss with him at great lengths as I had a tendency to harbour abstract yet confusing ideas when I am trying to pen down my thoughts in essay. That is when, I started to find Mr Chuah for being a great help in organising my thoughts given my difficulty in putting such thoughts in an orderly manner.

Apart from that, my biggest fear for not doing well in GP comes in Paper 2. I have been getting very low marks for the Short Answer Questions(SAQ) as the range of the marks that I have obtained hovered around 1 to 4 marks. There was simply no breakthrough before attending Mr Chuah’s lesson. I can understand that not many tuition centres would mainly focus on SAQ which is one of my biggest weakness in scoring for GP as many tuition centres would have assumed that you have at least a strong prior knowledge in that area. Hence, I thought this would put me to an extra disadvantage as nobody could exactly help me to rectify my problems. But with Mr Chuah’s help, I managed to use a highlighter to spot clues and he has taught me 4 ways on how to paraphrase the clue sentence to fit the “Answer in your own words as far as possible” type of question. Again, at the initial stage, I barely saw any improvements, but during the Prelims, it shocked me. I have passed the SAQ section and it is the first achievement that I have ever made in my entire schooling life. Due to this, I have passed my GP exam for the first time with an improvement of 3 bands. Through this achievement, I soon realised the effectiveness of Mr Chuah’s guidance and the many past year prelim papers that we did.

In my opinion, I feel that Mr Chuah is a responsible teacher. He is not calculative and he is willing to fork out the extra time to guide me. I remembered once that we got too engrossed in the lesson and this has resulted in him spending a total of 3 hours just to teach me for a lesson due to my poor foundation of English. What he mainly emphasises is the quality of lessons and not the duration of lesson. With his superior guidance, I am able to write this testimonial more fluently and confidently. Moreover, I could finish reading a letter within few seconds, something which I previously found to be a chore – I could take approximately 20-30minutes to complete reading a letter, yet it did not guarantee that I would fully understand the contents. With a strong power in English, I believe that this would put me to an edge over others who are struggling with English as you would not be easily cheated by people when a contract or letter is presented for you to peruse.

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