Download The Ultimate Guide to Acing GP Comprehension Questions

Download The Ultimate Guide to Acing GP Comprehension Questions

Do you know?

Lots of students struggle with comprehension because almost all of them thinks they are great writers and can ACE their GP with ease.

This is sometimes what I call, the “Lake Wobegon Effect” where they tend to overestimate their abilities.

Over the past few years, comprehension is moving towards more high-order thinking questions, which are tougher.
When it comes to Short Answer Questions (SAQ), most students do not understand what the questions are asking for, they end up not answering the questions and LOSE VALUABLE MARKS in the process.

Most students also do not know how to paraphrase correctly. They lose marks from “lifting” words from the passage and get penalised.

To help all of you, I have written this 23 page guide called “The Ultimate Guide to Acing GP Comprehension Questions“.

I strongly believe comprehension is an area where students can easily learn the secrets I impart to my students and “reverse their fortune” almost INSTANTLY.

This guide is best used via a 2 way communication with me by asking me questions via FB messenger or email.

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