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GP Politics Essay: How far should countries have relations with others whose human rights record is poor?

/ Jovan Lim / Politics
Let’s start off our 2019 A-Levels Paper 1 Series with this GP Politics essay! Here at First Class GP, we always find that reviewing and analysin ...
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GP Science Essay: ‘We should only fund scientific research that improves our quality of life.’

/ Jovan Lim / Science & Tech
This is a GP Science and Technology essay question that our First Class GP team has prepared. As knowledge of Science and Technology is a must-have fo ...
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GP Environment Essay: “We have very little control over the environment we live in.”

/ Jovan Lim / Environment
This is a GP Environment essay question formulated by our First Class GP team. We strongly believe that this is an essential question to understand an ...
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GP Media Essay: Consider the claim that the purpose of the media is not simply to convey the truth, but to make it interesting.

/ Jovan Lim / Media
This is a GP Media essay question that was featured in a 2017 H1 Prelim Paper by Dunman High School (DHS). Admittedly, this question is a rather tough ...
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