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This may come as a surprise to you, but we’re in love with the A-Levels General Paper. How could anyone, you say? Well, at First Class GP, maybe we’re the odd ones out. To us, the GP is a fascinating journey of critical thinking and self-identity. The course is an opportunity to explore our own preconceptions and see the world in a new way. To us, the GP isn’t just about being good at expressing yourself or getting a great result in the A-Levels (yes, these will come too). The GP is special because, dare we say it, it’s really about self-transformation. Why? Because improving your ability to break down any subject matter in real-time and see it for what it really is will, quite inevitably, lead you on a path to become a better person too.   

When looking at it this way, doesn’t the General Paper seem a little more magical to you too? If your answer is “yes”, then check out all the cool guides and resources we have on the site. Here are a couple you can start with: 

KP Chuah

It’s not about what you know but how you use it, which is really the gist of what KP teaches for his GP classes. A gifted educator with a passion to learn and help gifted minds unlock their greatest potential, KP started helping students with the A-Levels General Paper in 2011 when one of his top students admitted to needing some help with the subject. This came as a big surprise to him, as the General Paper was his favourite subject back when he was a student. KP eventually discovered the common challenges most students faced in this course – for example, spending hours and hours reviewing articles rendering the effort counterproductive, or being confused with the right and wrong ways to answer questions. With a keen interest in research-backed study techniques, KP’s classes are a personalised exploration of effective techniques that work for each unique student. The goal here is not just about gaining a great result in the GP, but also about building a lifelong skill in dissecting and building a blueprint for problem-solving.  

KP is also a decorated educator, holding a Master of Education from National Institute of Education (Nanyang Technological University) which focused on accelerating writing skills development among JC students, a CELTA Teaching Certificate by Cambridge English. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Nanyang Technological University. Oh, and how can we forget, KP scored an A in his GP exam 🙂


Imagine trying to cram a gazillion useful facts in your brain before your General Paper. That is one of Munir’s key focus areas to set you apart from the pack. For many students, content is the kryptonite of a great essay.

The good news is under First Class mentorship, you will be able to receive the most important facts to use in each topic, saving you days of reading unrelated materials and freeing your time for other subjects.

Our GP Tuition Centers:

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Bukit Timah – 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179

Jurong East – 135 Jurong Gateway Road Singapore S600135

Orchard – 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882

Katong – 1 Brooke Rd, Katong Plaza, Singapore 429979

Mobile: +65 8614 3669

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