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General Paper Tuition

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Is the looming General Paper stressing you out? Are you worried about scoring? We get it. GP is time-consuming, subjective and confusing. We’re here to help you hack your General Paper in the least time possible.

About KP Chuah, First Class General Paper Tutor

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  • NTU Scholar
  • Master’s Degree from NIE
  • 9 years of experience teaching A Level GP
  • 80% A’s and B’s in GCE A Level
  • Engaging and could simplify the General Paper for you

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Student Success Stories

I went from failing to scoring A for my A level! I can even write a letter confidently now. I cannot be happier!
Soh Wei Xiang
If you're looking for someone patient who can break down abstract concepts into simpler, bite-sized concepts, KP is the right guy!
Scored A in A Level GP

Good (and poor) strategies to score GP

Reading articles is GREAT, if you have the time.

I encourage my students to read more. However, if you are depending on this as an exam strategy, you may be sorely disappointed. Let me tell you why.

  1. Not all students know how to translate what they read to their essays / AQ
  2. Reading articles mindlessly means you forget 80% of what you read
  3. Many students simply do not have the time to read. Think of your other A level subjects

That is why you need to rely on cheatsheets to help you with your revision. The condensed info will definitely boost your content knowledge in minutes. I also give regular quizzes to students to help them remember important info.

Make no mistake. I love reading, and I hope I can inspire all my students to become avid readers. But I’m also a big advocate of studying smart. Strategise, people. 

Be original and experiment with different techniques. But not in your General Paper exam.

Originality is a hallmark of our species. But contrary to popular beliefs, it is rarely a hallmark of success.

One country that really impresses me is Korea — a small country that became a GLOBAL phenomenon. Think KPop. It’s popular everywhere, from USA to Uzbekistan, even in African countries. How did the Koreans do it? Mastering and repeating what works. Handsome tall guys, characteristic dance moves, catchy tunes, 2-5 English words embedded in the lyrics… You get the drift. It is failproof.

Likewise, you don’t need to learn 10,000 techniques for GP. Just master one and apply yourself. Lucky for you, no need to figure out what works. I’ve done the research for you. You just have to master it, act on my feedback and apply it in exam. You can experiment with different techniques, but only as practice, never for exams if your goal is to score.